Welcome to Keeprshots! We are a professional photography company located in Los Angeles, California. We call ourselves Keeprshots because in our business when you take the perfect photo we say, “That’s a Keeper!” 

Keeprshots was started because we love photography, and we want to use our passion to help you with yours. We believe that the right photographs can help convince potential customers to choose your business, and we have a decade of experience to prove it. 

We offer real estate photography, 3D photography, food photography, and professional headshots. Today, in our first blog, we will explain a little bit about each aspect of our business and why you should choose Keeprshots for your professional photography needs.

Real Estate Photography

When we talk about real estate photography, we aren’t just speaking about taking pictures of your walk-in closet or granite countertops. If it was that easy, anybody could do it. At Keeprshots, we understand how important it is to capture the personality of your property in addition to all of its features. 

Of course you want to show off that your property has three large bedrooms, but we can take those photos so that potential buyers can picture themselves raising their children in those bedrooms. When people begin to envision themselves living or working on your property, is when they become serious buyers.

3D Photography

With 3D photography you can allow future customers to experience an interactive, 3D image of your business before they visit. Many times, potential customers may have anxiety about visiting a new restaurant, hotel, spa, or other space. 3D photography enables them to virtually visit these places which can make them feel more at ease for their first visit, making them more likely to visit. 

3D photography can make your business stand out from the competition by allowing the customer to explore your space before visiting, which may be all the convincing they need that your business is the one to choose.

Food Photography

When food photography is done properly — with the right lighting and the correct angles — customers won’t be able to resist a trip to your establishment, whether it be a restaurant, food truck, bistro, or coffee shop.

Once you have professional food photos taken you can utilize those photos on your website, social media, outdoor and indoor signs, in your menu, and anywhere else you can think of. You can use your photographs to advertise a new dish or to feature a customer favorite.  

We eat with our eyes first and when you hire Keeprshots to handle your food photography, you’ll have hungry customers rushing to your door. 

To get a quote on custom food photography from Keeprshots, contact us today!

Professional Headshots

Whether you want to make your best first impression, or ensure that a business contact remembers your face, the quality of your professional headshots can make all the difference. At Keeprshots we understand the importance of capturing the message that you’d like to convey as well as your personality. 

Professional headshots can help set you apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your business colleagues. At Keeprshots, we ensure that your headshots show who you are and what you can do.

Choose Keeprshots For All Your Professional Photography Needs

Whether you need real estate photos, 3D images, food photos, or a new headshot — Keeprshots has you covered! We love photography and want to ensure that your photos portray exactly the message that you’re looking for. When you see our photographs, you’ll say, “It’s a keeper!”

Contact your professional Los Angeles photographers at Keeprshots today, and get a quote for your new photos.