1. How to Choose the Best Professional Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles

    A professional headshot can speak a thousand words. The headshot that you present to the world is what makes your first impression to employers and business associates, and you don’t want to use just any old picture. You want a photo that conveys professionalism but also a bit of who you are. You want your professional headshot to set you apart from others and to communicate your personal brand.…Read More

  2. Improve Your Business With a 3D Photography Digital Tour

    The use of 3D photography is on the rise. Many companies use it to show 3D renderings of their products. Real estate agents use it to provide a virtual walkthrough of properties they have on the market. It saves companies time and money because potential customers can get a comprehensive understanding of exactly what a product looks like or a true-to-life visual of a home that they are considering…Read More

  3. Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Photographer in Los Angeles

    Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or commercial property in Los Angeles, there is one thing that will get your property noticed and will help you stand out from the rest — photos taken by a professional real estate photographer.  When you’re selling a property, you want to capture potential buyers' attention immediately. You want them to come and look at your property in person, an…Read More

  4. Why You Need a Professional Food Photographer

    If you manage or own a restaurant, food truck, or bistro, you understand the importance of pictures of your food in your menu or on your tables. You know that people eat with their eyes first and that a menu item with enticing pictures sells the best. Hungry customers sit down and are immediately drawn to any photos on the table or in the menu and the right pictures will succeed in making them hun…Read More

  5. Welcome To Keeprshots!

    Welcome to Keeprshots! We are a professional photography company located in Los Angeles, California. We call ourselves Keeprshots because in our business when you take the perfect photo we say, “That’s a Keeper!”  Keeprshots was started because we love photography, and we want to use our passion to help you with yours. We believe that the right photographs can help convince potential custom…Read More